The benefits of local networking

The benefits of local networking

As a small web design business one of the greatest challenges is working both in and on the business. If you don’t remove yourself from your desk, you may find yourself wondering where the next job will come from.

Fortunately, there are many networking opportunities available to a small business owner. I recently joined the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, and from the first meeting I could see how beneficial it could be. It was exciting to meet like-minded individuals, all willing to connect to other businesses and collaborate on projects together.

After getting a taste, and a handful of business cards, I decided it may be worthwhile attending some of the workshops and events that are offered locally. I often glance over these sort of email invites, but decided to put the workload on hold for a day and go along. And I’m glad I did. I found the Geelong Small Business Buffet informative and inspiring. The format was great; there was plenty of choice and there was some great networking tips.

Once you start looking there are tons of networking opportunities available locally. I’m coming to understand the importance of ¬†getting involved. If you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, you find there is a lot of support, inspiration and potential business beyond the desk.

Special thanks to Nicole Crammond (Augustus Media), Janina Lear (Be Socially Savvy) and Liz Grant (Your Marketing Team).

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