Paying too much for web hosting?

Paying too much for web hosting?

When speaking to new clients one of the first things we ask is “How much do you pay a month for web hosting?”. This is often followed by a long pause. Most of us know exactly how much we pay a month for a mobile phone plan and what features are included; however many businesses see web hosting as a necessary cost that should not be scrutinised.

Unfortunately more often than not, businesses can be left susceptible to price gouging if they are not aware of what their requirements are and what they should be paying. More often than not, once we have analysed our clients usage history and billing cycles we often reveal this to be the case.

Web companies often sign clients up to plans well beyond their requirements, and as a result, profit from their lack of understanding. And what may seem like a small

When we create new websites, we offer the first year of hosting free. This allows us to monitor the sites performance and demands over 12 months so we can determine the best plan to meet your requirements. And of course, your site traffic is expected to grow, so we periodically check to make sure your plan is always optimised for your usage.

When we migrate a new client to our hosting plans, we carefully review their history to determine the plan that best suits their needs. We pride ourselves flexibility; so as your web traffic increases, we can adjust your plan to suit without penalising you. We offer:

– Competitive Pricing (for $5 per month)
– Free Website Transfer
– Customer Support
– 99.9% uptime
– 100% green web hosting
– No Contract with a 30 day money back guarantee
– Plan can be changed as you go

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