Clever Digital is an online agency focused on strategic design, interactive media production and digital media consultancy. We thrive on optimising your business by creating affordable, rapid and elegant solutions.

Have you heard of the revolution?

Technology moves so fast, that our clients are often surprised at just how far things have come in just a few short years. Videos that used to cost thousands of dollars to distribute locally can now be produced for hundreds, and distributed globally. IT solutions that were once only available to those companies that could afford an in-house IT team can now be accessed for a few bucks a month. If you would like to know just how much you can do for so little, feel free to contact us.

We eat technology for breakfast

We don’t just eat and breathe this stuff, we live it! When we’re not creating awesome digital products for the websphere, we’re blogging, sharing ideas, and geeking out over the latest technologies and products that dramatically make a difference to the way we all work.

Who needs an office when you work in the Clouds?

When visiting the Clever Digital studio, you will notice something quite unique…no paper and no people! We maintain a paperless office and network remotely. All our digital assets are securely housed in the cloud, every file is available through a mobile device and production is geared to be flexible, remote and totally wireless.

Where is everyone?

Unlike a traditional agency, Clever Digital comprises a team of digital natives; designers, developers, programmers and media experts that collaborate on projects remotely. That is, projects are scoped, planned and managed locally and production is completed globally.  That means you get access to the worlds best talent, available 24-7. And if you already have a project team, we can seamlessly integrate and participate from anywhere in the world.

We play nice…

Our motivation is to work on happy projects, those projects that have a positive impact on your business, and on ours. Valuable projects are the ones that make the most difference, and have the best outcomes. We want to maximise your ROI in order to achieve our potential. And we want to pop the champagne at the end of the day with you and celebrate a great project that meets all your expectations. It’s a win-win!

…and we share

Gone are the days of businesses hoarding important discoveries for fear of losing the competitive edge. We broadcast all our significant findings in order to inform and assist the community. Sharing information is beneficial to all of us as it drives development and creativity. Our competitive edge is not depending on what we already know, but focusing on what we are going to create next.

We are ready to work closely with you to create incredibly clever solutions