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About This Project

Business needs:
  • Facilitate and generate book sales
  • Manage and distribute a library of digital resources
  • Engage and nurture existing audience
  • Communicate information about the business
  • Facilitate contributions to PayPal account
  • Allow two way communication with audience
  • Increase reach to new audiences
  • Position as an industry expert
  • Provide user analytics in the form of Google Analytics.

Target audience needs:
  • Conveniently order and purchase books
  • View book information and page samples
  • Locate and download relevant music resources
  • Stay up to date with AMEB Curriculum Changes
  • Be notified of new book releases and free downloads
  • Be notified of special offers and upcoming events
  • Be notified of book or resource corrections
  • Leave or read user comments on articles and resources
  • Easily contact the business via phone, email or web form
  • Read information about the author and the business
  • Social proof, positive user reviews
  • View the website via mobile device

The new website:
  • Allow users to easily search for books and free resources by using logical tags and categories
  • Make it easier for users to order books by adding to a cart from the product search, eliminating the need to remember the book name on the form or view further details
  • Increase security by facilitating online credit card purchases in addition to manual processes if preferred
  • Encourage book sales by displaying book details and page samples before item is added to the cart
  • Increase book sales by enabling books to be purchased online 24/7
  • Allow access to free music resources 24/7
  • Increase reach by allowing users to share articles on major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Promote engagement by publishing blog containing latest information and view archive
  • Nurture users by publishing latest newsletters and archives
  • Support users by allowing comment on pages, posts and resources, and facilitate moderation by the site administrator
  • Provide clear business and contact information by structuring site information in a logical manner
  • Increase social proof by displaying client testimonials and ratings
  • Increase conversions by being mobile responsive
  • Enable users to contribute Paypal donations


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Redesign the ecommerce site to create better user experience for established audience and branch out to new global markets.

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