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ChemClean is an existing business that provides turn key chemical recovery systems for industry. The primary objective of the new website is to communicate to potential buyers that ChemClean is professional, credible and the best option for reducing chemical waste, EPA/OHS compliance and reduction in operating costs. The sales team will refer leads to the site as part of the sales process. The secondary objective is to attract and validate potential clients via organic search, capture leads and drives sales enquiries.


The new brand and website is designed to:

  • Have a focus on aesthetics and design that is visually appealing for your target audience
  • Structuring site information in a logical manner to allow ease of navigation for users
  • Showcase previous experience to demonstrate credibility and proven ability
  • Communicate the value ChemClean represents by using real world scenarios
  • Provide information about the process in order to manage client expectations
  • Integrate Search Engine Optimisation best practice techniques to increase visibility in popular search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Improve the quality of client leads by providing guidance so users understand the best way to engage
  • Increase reach by improving presence and sharing branded IP on LinkedIn
  • Increase audience engagement by being mobile responsive

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