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Clyde Park Vineyard and Bistro is a regional winery that offers cellar door, bistro meals, weddings and functions. Clyde Park prides itself on fresh local produce, award winning wines and great customer service. Clyde Park has a fully functioning website, however results from our discovery project reveals lost opportunities and areas for improvement. With advancing technology, the rise of social media, and the digitally empowered customer, Clyde Park needs to redesign their website to align with the goals of the business and the target audience and showcase its commitment to excellence in casual dining, award-winning wines and memorable experiences in a beautiful rural vineyard setting.


Clyde Park needs a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to improve the brand, attract new customers, position itself as a foodie destination in Geelong and provide important information to potential customers. Clyde Park has identified that a new website is required to communicate their uniqueness, differentiate from other local venues, emotionally connect with their audience and tell their story. This in turn will help increase awareness, foot traffic, bookings and inevitably the bottom line.


Clyde Park needs solid digital systems that will enhance and improve the online wine sales, recurring revenue from increased wine club memberships, improve booking user experience and streamline staff communication and processes. Through smart automation and better systems integrations, Clyde Park will have the foundations to easily scale and manage business growth.


Clever Digital has been engaged to design and develop a new website, review systems and processes and develop an integrated digital end-to-end solution.

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