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The new website:
  • Promote engagement by publishing the latest information and advice clearly and accurately
  • Promote reach by adding social media and email share features for recipes and blog posts
  • Increase return customers and traffic by creating coupons and discount codes
  • Increase sales by promoting merchandise, events and details about engaging Emmylou as host, presenter, producer and influencer
  • Increase traffic and return visits by embedding video content and TV show episodes
  • Increase relevant traffic from Google searches and Social Media by ensuring content is SEO friendly and Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping can be integrated
  • Increase sales by using landing pages, lead magnets and conversion tools to deliver relevant resources, guides and downloads
  • Encourage repeat customers by integrating signups and account creation with Mailchimp (nb Mailchimp can be synced with Go Postie)
  • Encourage repeat customers by storing purchase history and enabling user accounts
  • Encourage return visits by promoting and staying up to date with upcoming events and new products
  • Empower business owner to make sound decisions by drawing insights from accurate reports and analytics
  • Encourage brand loyalty by ensuring the online branding strongly reflects the brand essence
  • Ensure the experience that customers receive in person and via messaging/email is repeated online by providing answers to frequently asked questions
  • Provide clear business and contact information by structuring site information in a logical manner that makes sense to the customer
  • Increase conversions by being mobile responsive and intuitive to navigate
  • Ensure the customer feels that Emmylou Loves is reputable and delivers as promised by providing accurate information that is easy to understand
  • Improve customer confidence through social proof by displaying client testimonials, past clients, collaborations and social media activity

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