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Furphy Foundry is a diverse foundry and manufacturing business that specialises in urban design products, street and park furniture and outdoor structures. Furphy Foundry acquired Landmark Products, which offers a complete, professional open space structure and furniture service throughout Australia and abroad. The two businesses have amalgamated and administration teams are now working together.


Furphy Foundry’s key challenge is to increase reach, improve engagement and generate more leads that convert to sales. At the moment, The Furphy Foundry and Landmark websites don’t align. They operate from two different technology platforms, and backend tasks don’t sync. Building a new website using the same eCommerce structure as Landmark, administration staff will be able to maintain both websites without the need for retraining or data duplication and other business operations can connect with ease.


There is also an opportunity to refresh the Furphy Foundry website design. The current site doesn’t reflect the professionalism of the existing collateral, and the essence of the Furphy brand could be reinforced with an updated design. There is an opportunity to incorporate videos, archival images and hero images with storytelling vignettes similar to Hard Yakka’s approach.


The key update to the Furphy Foundry website will be enabling ecommerce and online sales. The new website will be a very important source of direct income from online sales and passing on key information and brand story to customers.


Clever Digital has been engaged to develop a new website and brand approach that meets both the needs of the business and the target audience.


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