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Help GP Systems define their brand and develop a clear digital marketing strategy for the business.


To realise the potential value that could be delivered, GP Systems requires three key deliverables:

  • a brand identity that makes it easy for all stakeholders to perceive the emotional and functional benefits, and understand the actual benefits or attributes of your service
  • a website that meets the business needs (KPIs) and stakeholder/audience needs
  • a coherent digital marketing approach that reflects the values of the brand, and contributes to the strategic direction of the organisation
Project outcomes:
  • Define brand identity
  • Clarify position and value proposition in the marketplace
  • Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based) goals to measure and monitor success
  • Foster relationships with industry partners, existing customers and potential new customers
  • Create project recommendations for solutions that effectively communicates the value that GP Systems offer
  • Provide strategic brand and marketing leadership to the team to optimise their effectiveness
Project deliverables:
  • Corporate Logo: Design and development of a visual identity to communicate the uniqueness of your brand.
  • Brand Collateral: Printed and digital customer touchpoint to ensure branding is consistent.
  • Website: Development of a new website, to convey the value that GP Systems adds to its audience.
  • Brand Guide: Internal resource to communicate new direction to internal and key partners.
  • Copywriting: To assist with creating Case Studies and developing compelling page content.
  • EDM: Email newsletter solution to deliver regular updates to your network. Migrate existing contacts, integrate signups from the website.
  • Marketing Lead Funnel: Automated marketing funnel to attract and convert leads to sales.
  • Sales Pipeline: Setup, training and advice on using LinkedIn as a sales pipeline for new leads.

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Branding, Website Development
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