Royal Mail Hotel Birregurra Website

About This Project

Business needs:
  • Convey an upmarket design that is consistent with the quality represented in the venue

  • Enhance awareness of the Royal Mail Hotel, its capacity and services

  • Enhance brand awareness of Birregurra as a destination

  • Increase the amount of online enquiries, bookings, foot traffic and repeat customers

  • Increase customer engagement

  • View menus online and link to a third party online booking system

  • Showcase local produce, cuisine and venue interiors

  • Allow “follows” of major social platforms Facebook and Instagram

  • Showcase client testimonials and reviews

  • User analytics in the form of Google Analytics

Target audience needs:

The target audience for the Royal Mail Hotel Birregurra website is generally defined as four groups:

  • locals and tradies looking for simple pub fare

  • locals and farmers looking for bistro quality fare

  • destination diners; likely attending Brae

  • road travellers and passing trade

The needs of each group were addressed in detail, but cannot be shared due to confidentiality.

The new website:
  • Provide consistent branding for the Royal Mail Hotel site through developing a sophisticated design

  • Provide a consistent layout and content structure for all pages that is appealing for each specific audience

  • Give customers all the information they need while in research mode and entice them to order, book or visit when they are ready to purchase

  • Provide opportunity for customers to share / recommend / refer / promote via social media

  • Make customers aware of the diversity that is on offer

  • Extend reach by allowing customers to spread the word throughout their community by recommending potential review sites

  • Encourage customers to sign up for promotions

  • Improve credibility and reputation by promoting conversation and listening to your customers via feedback and testimonials

  • Track successful lead conversions from the website to ensure it is continually providing measurable value to the business


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