The Aged Care Advocates Website

About This Project

Business needs:
  • Visually appealing and approachable
  • Ensure content is clear, concise and easy to understand
  • Enhance awareness of the brand and business capabilities
  • Attract ideal clients and weed out tyre kickers
  • Effectively communicate capability
  • Communicate how you solve problems that your audience can connect with
  • Make clients feel they are dealing with experts, not a faceless organisation
  • Enhance the business profile within the region
  • Communicate information about the business
  • Capture and validate new client leads
  • One main call to action (signup form) for Action Plans
  • Secondary call to action (contact form) to enquire about consultations
  • Allow for easy expansion so additional capabilities can be added later
  • Solid Google presence without needing to be at the top
  • Provide user and traffic data in the form of Analytics.

Target audience needs:

The target audience for the The Aged Care Advocates website is generally defined as four groups:

  • Older person who is losing independence
  • Carers/family who are concerned for welfare of the older person
  • GPs/medical professionals who have noted a change in the client’s ability to manage
  • Financial planners aligned with the needs of older people

The needs of each group were addressed in detail, but cannot be shared due to confidentiality.

The new website:
  • Be visually appealing for your target audience
  • Have site information structured in a logical manner to allow ease of navigation for users
  • Showcase previous experience to demonstrate credibility and proven ability
  • Communicate the value The Aged Care Advocates represents by using Case Studies
  • Provide information about the advocacy process to manage client expectations
  • Improve the quality of client leads by providing guidance so users understand the best way to engage
  • Validate and prioritise client leads by creating a simple application process
  • Position as an industry leader and promote engagement by publishing blog containing advice relevant to your audience
  • Increase social proof by displaying client testimonials
  • Increase audience engagement by being mobile responsive


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