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About This Project

Business needs:
  • Visually appealing and approachable
  • Enhance awareness of the new brand identity
  • Ensure content is clear, concise and easy to understand
  • Effectively communicate the organisations capability and services
  • Increase audience reach for special events throughout the year
  • Increase the amount of online enquiries, event bookings and memberships
  • Increase customer engagement and lifetime value
  • Enhance wine region profiles within Australia and globally
  • Publish up-to-date information on members
  • Capture and validate potential member leads
  • Integrate wine event marketing funnel landing pages and ticketing call to actions into the site
  • Primary and secondary call to actions on every page
  • Encourage feedback and surveys post-event
  • Promote achievements and awards
  • Allow users to share content on social networks
  • Allow for easy expansion so additional capabilities can be added later
  • Seamlessly integrate the current members portal
  • Solid Google presence
  • Provide user and traffic data in the form of Analytics
Target audience needs:

The target audience for the Wine Geelong website is generally defined as:

  1. Wine Consumers, including enthusiasts, connoisseurs, locals and tourists
  2. Wine Industry, including existing members, potential members and industry partners

The new website needs to assist all users to do the following:

  • Access relevant information about Wine Geelong, the Wine Regions and Wineries
  • Access information about award winning wines, wineries and recent accolades
  • Access detailed winery profile information including location, opening times, facilities and upcoming events
  • View an interactive map that filters information based on user preferences
  • Book and purchase tickets to special events via third party ticketing system
  • Make phone or email contact
  • Submit a review or provide feedback
  • View promotions via social media channels

In addition, the new website needs to assist Wine Consumers to do the following:

  • View interactive maps to assist with trip planning and navigation
  • View estimated distances between regions
  • View Cellar Door open times so they can plan their trip
  • View accommodation, food, places of interest, family friendly and relevant categories
  • View local events to do and deals during their stay
  • View the site in languages other than English


In addition, the new website needs to assist the Wine Industry to do the following:

  • Access the public news channel via the website
  • Members access the private Member Portal to share and collaborate ideas via a user forum
  • Members can subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly digest of information
  • Provide anonymous feedback survey options
  • Members can keep their website profile up-to-date via self-editing
  • Industry partners can access economic data and relevant public publications
The new website:
  • Provide consistent branding for the Wine Geelong site through developing a sophisticated design
  • Provide a consistent layout and content structure for all pages that is appealing for each specific audience
  • Give customers all the information they need while in research mode and entice them to book events or visit the region when they are ready to purchase
  • Cater to wine lovers and tourists who wish to experience the region and wineries
  • Allow users to view interactive maps and filter information to find what they need to plan an itinerary
  • Provide opportunity for customers to share / recommend / refer / promote via social media
  • Make customers aware of the diversity that is on offer
  • Extend reach by allowing customers to spread the word throughout their community by recommending reviews
  • Encourage users to sign up for regular updates or promotions
  • Improve credibility and reputation by promoting conversation and listening to your customers via feedback and testimonials
  • Track successful lead conversions from the website to ensure it is continually providing measurable value to the business
  • Allow existing members to access the portal to view calendars, upcoming events and resources
  • Allow existing members to access forums where knowledge can be shared and discussed
  • Allow existing members to self-edit and update their map listings
  • Allow potential members to get information about being a member and make an enquiry
  • Allow marketing team access to publishing tools to connect campaigns to website
  • Assist admin staff with daily duties through an integrated administrative system

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