5 things you can do to succeed in 2017

5 things you can do to succeed in 2017

The summer holidays are over, and everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to tackle 2017. But is your site looking as refreshed as you are? A lot can happen in the digital world in a year, so nows the time to consider how you can refresh your business using proven digital tools. Below are five things you can do to help your business succeed in 2017.


Update your Site

Keeping content fresh will improve your SEO and will keep customers coming back.

SELF HELP: 2017 Web Design Trends

See what design and usability trends are emerging in 2017: Designmodo 2017 Design Trends


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Know your Competition

Pick three competitors and see what tactics they are using to target your audience. Do a comparison to see how you measure up.

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There are lots of tools we use for a Competitive Analysis, including this handy keyword researcher: Spyfu.com


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Attract more customers

Attract more customers to your site by improving your Google ranking with SEO.

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Use this FREE tool to check your sites SEO Performance: SEO Site Checkup


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Capture new leads

Create a short time promotion and entice your visitors to make their first purchase with you.

SELF HELP: Marketing Advice

How to Create a Marketing Offer that Doesn’t Fall Flat: Hubspot Blog Post


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Retain more customers

Keep your business front of mind. Email marketing will help you stay connected to your customers, and keep them coming back.

SELF HELP: Email Marketing

Need to know Mailchimp basics?:  Mailchimp Getting Started Guide


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