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About This Project

Business needs:
  • Visually appealing and aspirational
  • Attract better quality clients over quantity
  • Showcase technical ability
  • Effectively communicate capability and processes
  • Communicate information about the business and team
  • Capture product and service leads
  • Solid Google presence without needing to be at the top
  • Provide user and traffic data in the form of Analytics
  • Staff can easily make updates to content
  • Staff don’t need to do any maintenance or technical updates
  • Website always up to date and ready to edit when you log in to update

Target audience needs:
  • Showcase of capabilities is easy to view
  • Understand what kind of work Educrowd does and the services they provide
  • Easily contact the business via phone, email or web form
  • Learn a bit about the team
  • View the website via desktop and mobile devices

The new website:
  • A focus on aesthetics and design that is visually appealing for your target audience
  • Structuring site information in a logical manner to allow ease of navigation for users
  • Showcase capabilities to demonstrate proven ability
  • Provide information about the technical process to manage client expectations
  • Improve the quality of client leads by providing guidance so users understand the best way to engage
  • Increase reach by allowing users to share content on social platforms
  • Increase audience engagement by being mobile responsive


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Redesign the site to create better user experience and enhance existing branding.

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