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About This Project

Business needs:
  • Increase sales by at least 15% per annum
  • Increase sales interstate
  • Make the conversion rate measurable
  • Create a site that is intuitively easy to use
  • Decrease merchant fees
  • Improve marketing to potential and existing customers
  • Allow business owner to spend less time on managing technology

Target audience needs:
  • To be able to ask staff questions about the types of products you sell
  • To be able to order a product quickly and simply
  • To receive knowledgeable advice regarding product information.
  • To feel safe and secure

The new website:
  • makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for
  • makes it quicker and simpler to purchase online
  • ensures the customer feels safe and secure
  • communicates advice and information clearly and accurately
  • staff can live chat with customers while they are visiting the website
  • provides answers to frequently asked questions
  • captures more leads to increase customer retention
  • attracts more relevant traffic from Google searches
  • allows customers to register and login to view their account details
  • integrates with current business practices


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