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About This Project

Business needs:
  • Attract the ideal clients
  • Facilitate and generate product enquiries
  • Manage and distribute information and resources
  • Engage and nurture the existing audience
  • Build reputation and strengthen position
  • Provide a positive return on investment within the first 12 months
  • Improve customer retention and consumer confidence
  • Present a user friendly website design that reflects the brand essence
  • Ensure staff can easily update and manage the online storefront daily

Target audience needs:
  • Easily find what they are looking for
  • Locate relevant resources and request price
  • Stay up to date with new products and changes
  • Easily contact the business via email, phone or web form
  • Read information about the business
  • Be intuitive and easy to use
  • View the website via desktop and mobile devices

The new website:
  • Promote engagement by publishing the latest information and advice clearly and accurately
  • Ensure the service experience that customers receive online is positive by providing answers to frequently asked questions
  • Encourage brand loyalty by ensuring the online branding strongly reflects the company values
  • Attract relevant traffic from Google searches and Social Media
  • Provide clear business and contact information by structuring site information in a logical manner that makes sense to the customer
  • Improve trust through social proof by displaying client testimonials
  • Increase conversions by being easy to use on mobile devices


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